Welcome to Brindinford

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Welcome to Brindinford

Our adventure begins:

Brindinford is famous for this annual street fair. The fair originated when a large clan of nomadic halflings made the town a regular stop in their travels. Now the halflings are settled around the town, but the fair offers a healthy dose of halfling culture at its finest.

The town of Brindinford occupies a low hill beside the river. Crenellated stone walls, interrupted by tall watchtowers, surround the buildings, but the life of the town spills beyond its walls today. Colorful carts and wagons, flags and ribbons, and people of all sorts line the road for 100 yards beyond the gate. Dozens of halflings in bright colored costumes are directing most activities. A busy, lively hum of noise rises from the fair. The smell of roasting meats, exotic spices, and cut flowers fill the air.

Catsiel, Crosderi, and Sasha are waiting in line to enter the town and have their weapons peace-bound when they notice Etsuo – a man from the Temple of Sarenrae who has helped them in the past. Upon entering town the group decides to head to the Stony Gaze Tavern in Eastgate.


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