Character Creation

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Creating Your Character

  • You will be starting play as a level 5 character
  • Each 5th level character starts with 8,000 gp. You also start with one outfit worth 10gp or less that you do not pay for with your starting gold.
  • Choose your character’s Alignment. No evil aligned characters.
  • You will begin with maximum hit points for your class, plus Con modifier
  • Add the benefits for taking a level in your favored class (+1 hp or +1 skill rank, or racial alternate)
  • How to Roll for Abilities – Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha
  • Choose a Class. (No Gunslingers.)
  • Free Feat at first level. You may choose one Racial Feat that is associated with your character race.
  • Human Languages – Common is Common, anything else is based on location.
  • Write a Character Background, you don’t have to have all of the information, but know your character.
  • Post your Character Sheet! . In theDynamic Character Sheet drop down box use the Pathfinder Character Sheet. Scroll down and make sure all info outside of the character sheet is taken care of. That is where your character name will be – your character name and player name will not appear on your character sheet until after you have created and posted the sheet. When inputting your character sheet, don’t forget to check the box next to Player Character. If you need a walk-through on this please message Coppermane.

As an aside, included in the house rules is an awards system called Prestige Points that rewards people for participating in helping to build our campaign site. Accordingly, you can earn up to 4 prestige points just by fleshing out your character and then uploading it to the site.

In the “Biography” section below the character sheet, copy and paste your bio. If your character has something in their history that is a secret that the other players should not know about, then you can leave it off of your public page and send it to the DM privately or add it as a Player Secret.

Finally, I strongly encourage you to find a picture to use as your character image. If you want to make your own, go for it, or build one using Hero Machine. You can use the “Upload Image” feature on your character page to upload this image. Save your character sheet BEFORE uploading an image. You have to do these two things separately for some reason. Congratulations, you’re finished! Now on to adventure!

Character Creation

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